Fat Man Fuck



FatManFuck - Ok so here's the story behind FatManFuck, I am a very ordinary 42 year old guy, not a porn stud ! And yes I am just very slightly overweight, hence the name, I do love my food almost as much as I love teen pussy !

Anyways I am a photographer and during a shoot the model starts talking about "GONZO" and how she did a scene with another photographer, I jokingly ask when we going to do our GONZO scene and 5 mins later she's sucking my cock!

So I though: "Why not do a site, and shoot me playing with sexy girls?" As I said no porn star but have a lot of naughty fun! The site isnt live yet but if you want to see some of my adventures enter your email address and we'll contact you when its all live!


Steve aka FatManFuck !

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